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How to Find Comma, Replace With New Line?

Have been trying to use find and replace on yosemite version. The find the comma works, but there isn’t a way to replace the comma’s with the return key. I need this for the purposes of entering the information into separate cells on the numbers spreadsheet. Any way to do this?
S Trend

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    4 years ago

    Which app are you using? TextEdit? If so, here’s one way to do it.
    Type two lines of text with a return between them. Then put the cursor at the end of the first line. With the Shift key held down, press the forward arrow. This will select the “return” at the end of the line. You can also do this on an existing line or using the cursor if you get the hang of it.
    Use Command+C to copy the return. Then do your find and replace. Type a comma for the find value, then use Command+V to place the invisible return character in the replace field.
    Then commence with your find and replace all and all the commas will be replaced with returns.

    S Trend
    4 years ago

    Just wanted to tell you Gary, we all appreciate your helping us SO very much!

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