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How To Find Fast New Just Created Folder?

have been enjoying your videos. Thanks.
In finder, if there is a folder with many files, then I make a new folder, new blank one is in the bottom prompting me to name it. As soon as I name it and enter, it disappears to its place in alphabetical order, and sometimes when you have a lot, it is hard to find, you have to scroll up and down looking for it.
Is there an easier way to do this?

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    3 years ago

    Which Finder view? I'll assume either Column or List view, not Icon view.

    When the folder jumps to its place up the list, I can think of several ways to scroll up to that spot, each with two key presses.

    First, you could use the up or down arrows. This would go to the next item before or after it. Down is probably the safer bet, as if the new folder is now first in the list, then Up won't do anything. So you can do Down and then Up. Try that.

    You can also simply press Return at that point. That would start the file rename action again, select the name, and jump to that part of the list. A second Return will dismiss the rename without a change. Or, you can just do one Return and immediately do whatever else you wanted to do and ignore the fact that you started to rename the file.

    Kirit Vora
    3 years ago

    Thank you That was great

    Melvyn Halbert
    3 years ago

    Under Mojave or High Sierra, any newly-created folder in a Finder listing is automatically highlighted. So if the list is sorted by name (alphabetically), the new folder can be easily found by scrolling through the list while looking for that one highlighted item. Even better, If you have chosen to sort the list by date, the new folder will be at the top (or at the bottom if you have sorted it inversely by date). I suppose the same comments apply in later versions of macOS.

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