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How To Find the Year Of Manufacture Of MacBooks By Model Number?

How can I find out the year of manufacture of a Mac by the model number or part number while making a online purchase?? If I make a online purchase,how do I know for which year does this MacBook belongs to?? Can I make a choice by going through there different model numbers???

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    5 years ago

    You can simply search for the model number online. This usually comes up with lists of information about models, or specific information about that model. For instance, if I do an online search for A1706 I come up with pages right away that tell me all sorts of information about that model (A 2016 MacBook Pro).

    Also note that Wikipedia pages will list the model numbers in handy charts. So the page shows you the "Model Identifier" in the chart near the middle of the page.

    Now, keep in mind that there is no way to guess the year of manufacture of the exact Mac you are looking at. If a Mac is listed as coming out in 2016, then the particular Mac may have been manufactured in 2016, or 2017, for instance. Maybe even 2018 if that model is still in production.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "online purchase" -- if you are buying from Apple, then the Mac was made recently, even if it is a model that started a year or more ago. Refurbished models are an exception, of course. But if you mean online from somewhere else, or a used Mac sale, then it will be impossible to judge. Of course you are also taking the seller's word on more important things (like if the Mac works, battery cycles, etc).

    Myles Russell
    5 years ago

    You can use Apple's Service and Support Coverage tool. If your Apple device is within one year, just subtract the service expiration date by 1 year. If you have Apple Care, then subtract the service expiration date by 2 years (for iOS devices) or 3 years (for Macs.)

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