Forum Question: How to fix Sound Level from varying?

I have the BOSE Companion 5. Sound level is fine/normal with iChat, web video or audio. When I play music from iTunes the sound level is fine, but only if I turn up the volume all the way. Recently, I purchased a couple of old classic movies from the iTunes store, and even if I turn up the volume to max I have a hard time hearing the dialog etc.
Why does the sound level vary from app to app? With iTunes the volume of sound goes down too much, while with other app I get blasted. Is it the fault of the BOSE? Probably not, as the sound level when I switch to the Cinema Display is worse! Is it a bug in OS X Snow Leopard?

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    7/15/11 @ 10:03 pm

    Hard to say. In iTunes you can bring up the Equalizer. Maybe try using that. It is probably just the audio track in the different items.

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