Forum Question: How To Get iCal Mac Calendars Back?

Gary after syncing with iCloud my iCal on my my iMac it shows me the iCloud calendars and the calendars on my Mac do not show up.
Is there a way to get them back? Also if later one decides to sync my iPhone iCal only with my Mac and not with iCloud, what’s the correct way to do that without a mix up of events?

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    10/15/11 @ 10:04 pm

    The way to use calendars “On My Mac” is to sync them via iTunes. With your iPhone connected, go to its Info panel where the calendar syncing settings are located.
    But what you probably want is to only use iCloud calendars. Why not? iCloud calendars sync automatically over the Internet. “On My Mac” calendars sync only when you sync between your Mac and your iPhone. There’s really no reason to have them anymore.

    4/6/12 @ 12:28 am

    I bought a new iphone a while back and didn’t sync it to my computer… today i finally got the time to sync it and now all my icals are gone! i have important work and family dates in there that i don’t have anywhere else! is it possible to get them back???

      4/6/12 @ 6:42 am

      Depends on a lot of factors. What was the calendar that you lost? iCloud? Gmail? Yahoo? Just a local non-cloud calendar on your iPhone? If the latter, you should have gotten a warning when syncing for the first time that it might erase that to replace it with your Mac’s calendars. If it is a cloud calendar, then you simply need to add it back to your iPhone to connect that calendar again.
      Unfortunately, if you had never synced your iPhone before then you don’t have a backup of your data either — that would happen while syncing. This is why it is important to sync your iPhone when you first get it and continue to do so on a regular basis.

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