Forum Question: How to get iphone/ipad app produced

I have an idea for an ios app and would like to find information on how to get it done. Unfortunately I have no programming experience so I would have to hire someone to program it also. Can you recommend any good books or web sites as a guide?
Ellis Cohen

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    3/6/11 @ 4:01 pm

    Sorry, I don’t have any solid advice there. The problem is that most good developers are making their own apps — you can’t hire them because they want to produce their own stuff, not work on someone else’s.
    But there are some developers that are for hire. The problem is that demand is far ahead of supply.
    So your best bet is to network with local developers and search for one. Take several bids and treat it as you would any development project. Just be prepared to pay a lot for development since demand is so high.

    3/31/11 @ 8:52 am

    learning iphone dev isnt as hard as some people think, you can google for some resources on the web, and also for things like “best iphone dev books”. I have seen this one recommended often:

    The deve tools are free on your install disk, and the newest one is about $4 in the app store. But the books were written for the older version, so go with that for now.

    There are also specific dev forums on the apple support groups, both in thepaid dev area and the general public forums. both great places to find answers when you get stuck on a problem.


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