Forum Question: how to get my uploaded music from cd’s from itunes library

On my old desk top, I uploaded all my own CD’s to my itunes account so that I could manage all my music in my itunes library. Since then, my desk top died and I have a new MAC. I have all my purchased music from itunes but none of the music that I uploaded from CD’s. Is there anyway to get it back?
Mary Leonidas

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    3/26/11 @ 9:30 pm

    So your music was on your old Mac (which is dead) and no where else? There’s no way to get it back, then. Just have to re-rip those CDs. And start using Time Machine to backup for the future.

    Joe W
    3/28/11 @ 8:30 am

    Unless you’re absolutely sure the hard drive itself is dead, if it were me, I’d at least attempt to remove the internal hard drive that has all the music on it and put it inside an enclosure, (connect via USB or Firewire, etc) and see if it will spin up and mount. If so, copy all the songs from it to the new machine.

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