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How To Go From Old iPhone To New iPhone In iTunes

Am looking ahead, when I’ll be upgrading to the new iPhone (Fall 2012) and was wondering about what I need to do to transfer all the apps, music, and other settings from the old iPhone (4) to the new one? I have and use iCloud. Also, what needs to be done with the carrier? Can I just place the sim card in the slot and go? Know it is a early question, just like to be ready…
Thanks Gary
George Kahler

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    12 years ago

    So, it has nothing to do with the SIM card. In fact, you never handle the SIM card in either phone.
    Here's how it has working every time in the past.
    You just need to keep syncing and backing up to your Mac (or PC) in iTunes as normal. Just before you go get your new phone, do the sync and backup again.
    Then you get your new phone. Apple (or your carrier) will activate it. Then bring it home and sync. iTunes will ask if you want to restore the data from a previous backup. You say "yes" and then it grabs everything from your last sync/backup and puts it on your new phone. Your new one then seems like your old one.

    Michael Wheless
    12 years ago

    The process you describe applies to other iOS devices as well, correct? Such as iPads. I will have two iPads soon (second and third generation). I will sync both to my MacBook Pro. I am assuming I will need to change the name of the device. That is, I can't have two devices with the same device name?

      12 years ago

      Well, only if you want to completely replace one with the other. If you want to have both, then just create it asa new iPad. You can do it any way you want.
      You actually can have two with the same name. But don't do that. It will be confusing when you see them both listed. Just give them different names. It is actually very flexible.

    12 years ago


    I'm interested in the above question as I've just plugged in my new iPhone, but wasn't paying attention when messages came up (I admit it was a bit excited) and now I have two iPhones with the same name. How do I change the name (s) of my present devices on iTunes.

    donna (red faced)
    12 years ago

    Hi again,

    I just realised how to change the name on 'DEVICES'

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