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How To Go Immediately To Desktop?

I want to be able to let Pages for example keep running while I go to desktop for something else. My Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts says F11 but that key just increases the volume on my MacBook Pro
OS X 10.8.2
MacBook Pro 13 inch Early 2011
Thank you for any help,
Roberta White

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    6 years ago

    So those keys at the top of your keyboard are the function keys. They actually do two different things, depending on your settings. Notice, for instance, that the F11 key has a F11 on it, and also a volume control on it.
    This is kind of like the number keys below it. The 8 key has an 8, and also a * on it. You type it normally and you get an 8. You hold the shift key down and you get a *.
    So the function keys work this way too. But not with the Shift key, but instead the “fn” key. Look on your keyboard carefully for the “fn” key — on some keyboards it is at the bottom left. On others it is to the right of the delete key.
    Hold the fn key down and those function keys will toggle modes — the F11 key becomes the volume down key, or vice-versa.
    The direction in which it works depends on your System Preferences setting. Go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard (not Keyboard Shortcuts). Then toggle on or off the “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.”
    So in your case you have that turned off, so pressing F11 will give you volume down. Pressing fn+F11 will quickly show you the desktop.
    Oh, and also check under Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts and look in the Mission Control set of shortcuts. You should see F11 listed there as “Show Desktop.” Make sure it is turned on and set to F11.

      6 years ago

      Thank you! I should have known. It’s ‘the laptop’ so doesn’t get as much attention as it should, and being over 60 I forget what I’ve learned before I use it again. Sigh, it was ever thus.

      I did fumblingly check out the Sys Preferences you discussed.

      Switching platforms while holding on to a desktop Winders product, yes I meant to say that is NOT recommended. Economics dictates.

      Your speed and expertise is amazing! Have you considered online courses?
      Thanks again.

      God bless you,

    6 years ago

    i find it easier to just put my thumb and 3 fingers on the trackpad close together and then spread them out across the trackpad. that does the same thing is pressing f11.

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