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How To Group Multiple Tables On One Sheet

I have two tables on one sheet in Numbers. They are stacked vertically. The top table grows downward as I enter more rows. At some point the top table starts to overlay the bottom table. Is there a way to group the tables together, so as I add rows to the top table, the bottom table automatically moves down? I would then not have to select the bottom table and move it manually. Thanks

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    5 months ago

    Why not put the second table to the left, right or above the other table? Or, move it to another sheet?

    5 months ago

    Thanks Gary; I probably need to provide more detail. Main table covers the width of the screen (monthly budget). The other table below, contains a balance to checking account. As I enter money spent in the budget table, it’s convent to see the balance table below. However, as I enter rows into the budget table, it overrides the balance table and I need to manually move it. (As an aside, your videos on using Numbers has been a great helping setting up my budget :) Thanks) Thank you for your input

    5 months ago

    Thayne: See my previous suggestions. Why not put the other table above, to the left or right? Your table that grows vertically should be on the bottom. Or, put it on another sheet.

    Gene Hollaway
    5 months ago

    I have a similar situation, a large table on top, and smaller tables below on the same sheet. But I don’t have Thayne’s problem. The large top table has both top and bottom header rows. The lower smaller tables also has a top header row. As I add rows to the larger top table, the lower tables automatically move down.

    4 months ago

    I have similar problem with two tables on one sheet, the two tables are next too each other, both with same amount of frozen headers. When I scroll down the table, only the one tables set of frozen headers stays frozen. It doesn’t matter which of the two is selected at the time. It is the left hand table that doesn’t stay put. Can someone suggest what the problem could be?

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