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How to have two simultaneous and independent users on iMac

Fast user switching allows two people to be logged in and take turns using a computer without having to log-off.
However, I believe by some clever use of VNC and fast user switching an iMac can be set up to have two users logged in and SIMULTANEOUSLY use the computer without having to take turns.
Let’s say User1 is working in front of the (Lion) iMac.
What I want to do is for another user (User2) to remotely log in and have her own screen display, different and independent of User 1. So, I User1 can carry on with whatever she was doing and be oblivious, or at least not to be disturbed by the fact that User2 is also logged in and working on the same computer.
What software do I need, and how can it be done?
Vasilis Primos

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    10 years ago

    You can do this with Lion. It is one of the new features.
    User2 can use another Mac with Lion to log into the other Mac using VNC (Screen Sharing). Just do it as you would normally use Screen Sharing and you’ll be prompted with a question about connecting with a “virtual display” — if you choose that option you can be logged in as User2 via Screen Sharing while User1 is still using that same Mac and seeing their stuff.
    You don’t need anything special. Just connect select the other Mac in the left sidebar of a Finder window, and then press the screen sharing button. Then use the ID and password for User2.

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