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How To Hear Incoming iPhone Ring Throughout the House?

Using FaceTime, I’ve managed to have my MacBook Air ring when calls come in to my iPhone SE. I can now hear the ring in a few nearby rooms, but I want to be able to add an inexpensive wi-fi speaker in the center of the house so I can hear the ring of incoming calls throughout the entire house (not Bluetooth speakers, because they need to be re-paired every time I come back into range, or so I understand; not a ring amplifier that requires docking my phone; and, unfortunately, not the link-to-cell with base and handphones because of poor reception in my rural area). Any advice for how to go about this and/or what device I might use (or options I haven’t yet considered) would be greatly appreciated.
J. Snyder

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    2 years ago

    Bluetooth certainly doesn’t need to be re-paired when you get back into range. If that were the case, then no one would use Bluetooth as it would be a real pain. However, they may have to be re-selected. The difference is that re-pairing is a multi-step process where the two devices find each other and the speaker gets added to the list of devices on your Mac. But once pairing is complete, your Mac (or iPhone) should remember the speakers and have them in the list of audio output devices. This doesn’t help you, of course, unless you remember to select them as your audio out after using your Mac/iPhone with another audio out (built-in speakers, etc).

    I can’t think of any solution except to keep your iPhone with you as you move around the house. That’s what most people I know would do. I suppose if you really wanted to put your iPhone somewhere else besides where you were, you would just have to remember to select the Bluetooth device as your audio out before walking away. But even then, I’m not sure the speakers would “ring” — you’d need to try that.

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