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How To Highlight Odd or Even Numbers In Numbers?

I am trying to use conditional highlight feature to highlight odd and even numbers and then count the odd and even numbers .

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    11 months ago

    There is no Conditional Highlighting rule that looks for odd and even values. So you have to go with some other strategy. For instance, you can add a column to the right of the one with the numbers, then use an IF statement to check for odd or event values. If the value is in C2, then a formula for that would look like this:
    A formula to count them would be:

    11 months ago

    Thanks Gary. Worked like a charm. You are providing a great service to Apple community and we appreciate it. I never missed your podcast.Please never stop this great work.Thanks once again.

    I applied formula (IF(ISEVEN(C2),”Even”,”Odd”) in a new column next to the data column but I counted even and odd numbers at the bottom of the new column.Then I used conditional highlighting feature to highlight Even and odd number and it worked the way I wanted. Thanks once again

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