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How To I Add a Transition To Multiple Layers Of Video?

i am making a short video where there will be more than 1 video on screen (like a phone scene but with 3 in total). since the videos are running all at the same time, fcp x is making me use multiple layers. how do i get a transition to affect all 3 layers and not just the primary one?
when i add a transition, it just affects the primary one, so when it blurs in, the other two videos just pop in without a blur in like the primary layer.

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    12 years ago

    I think what you want is a Compound Clip. You can take what you have so far, and bundle it up in a compound clip. Then it appears in the timeline as a single clip and you can apply things like transitions for all of it. It is like having a timeline inside the timeline.

    11 years ago

    thanks gary, it was exactly what i was looking for!

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