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How To I Add Alignment Guides To All Slides?

I’m trying to create a uniform layout across multiple slides in Keynote. When I add guides, they appear only on the current slide. How do I create identical guides across multiple slides, like master guides?

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    1 year ago

    One way to do it is to duplicate the slide instead of adding a new one. So create a sample slide, then duplicate it, then work on that new slide. Then go back to your original, duplicate again, and create your next slide. You could just duplicate the slide you just finished, but then you’d have to clear out the elements too.

    If you already have slides you just want to edit, then another idea would be to create a slide that has the guides. Then go to a slide and select all. Cut. Go to the slide with the guides. Paste. Arrange using the guides. Cut and paste back. It isn’t as much work as it sounds.

    Actually, you can use a variation on that too. Create a slide with just the guides. Duplicate it. Cut and paste the elements from an existing slide to that duplicate with the guides. Then delete the now-empty slide. Repeat each time you need to use the guides.

    12 months ago

    Thanks Gary. I fiddled around a bit and finally found what I was looking for. There are regular guides and master guides. I was using regular guides which are attached to the slide they are created on. What I need to do is add guides to master slides. These become master guides and will be part of all slides based on this particular master slide. But they don’t show up until you turn on the master guides visibility in the View menu!

    12 months ago

    Jean-Claude: “master guides visibility in the View menu” — good find!

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