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How To I Use Keychain To Save Different Passwords for Sites In Same Domain?

Trying to save passwords to 2 sites with same domain in Keychain Access. E.g., 2 sites within have different logins. When I use autofill, Keychain chooses the other site’s login. When I manually insert the correct password, Keychain offers to save across ALL sites with, which isn’t correct. Is there a way to save 2 passwords for different sites within same domain? If not, any suggestions for workaround? Thanks very much.

Trying to save 2 different passwords, for 2 different logon sites within same domain, in Keychain so that I don’t have to write down or remember them. Seems that Keychain will save only 1 password for all sites within same domain.

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    2 years ago

    You can save as many as you want for each domain. Just log in with a new account at the same site, and it will save it as another ID and password. Then when you go to log into that site again, you can choose which one you want to use.

    Usually, you are given one choice, but under that "Other Passwords" and can choose the one you want.

    You can even go into Safari, Preferences, Passwords and add them manually or edit the ones you have.

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