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How To Import Contacts From a Numbers File To Address Book?

I am trying to import contacts on a Numbers spreadsheet into my Addressbook on my MacBook.
Using Number 09
Davis Kosowan

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    7 years ago

    First, you must make sure that your Numbers spreadsheet is formatted to look like a list of contacts. The column names must match the ones that Contacts (formerly called Address Book) expects. You can find a list of them by exporting from Contacts like I do in this video ( to another spreadsheet so you can see all the columns — and even copy and paste them into a new spreadsheet to get started. Apple also has a list of them here:
    Make sure that is all your spreadsheet contains. Then, export it from numbers as plain text (CSV).
    Then import into Contacts using File, Import.
    A good idea might be to test this with only one contact. Just create a spreadsheet with the column heads and one row. Then import it to see how well you did creating the spreadsheet. It is easy to then delete that one contact and make modifications and try again. Then when you have the process down, you can import all of the contacts

      7 years ago

      Thanks Gary, it works!

    Gordon Potter
    7 years ago

    Gary this is great — the key is in the Apple Support article kb/PH10107. What I would like to know is how you got to that article. I did a little Google searching using terms like importing, contacts, addressbook, contacts, etc. That quickly lead to CVS – but not to the list of column names needed. If you have some tricks on searching for this type of information, I would love to learn.

      7 years ago

      Nothing special. I just went into Apple’s support pages and looked at the list of Numbers support pages. I knew it was there so it just took me a few pages of browsing to find it.

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