Forum Question: How to install fonts?

CS5 Master Collection came with 257 fonts in the Goodies folder. How do I install them? Some say just drag them into /Library/Fonts, others say use Fontbook (it’s like iTunes for fonts??), and still others say to just double-click the fonts and they will auto install although where on my Mac I don’t know. I also read I should only install one type for each particular font. What type should I choose? OpenType? TrueType? Or PostScript?

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    12/24/10 @ 8:04 am

    Use Font Book, yes. That’s what would happen if you double-click the fonts anyway. OpenType is the latest format, I believe. TrueType is pretty standard. PostScript is an old format.
    But I would think before installing 257 fonts. Having a huge menu of fonts can sometimes be a pain. You want to switch from Arial to Time and now you have to scroll through a hugh list. Don’t just install the fonts because you have them. I would install fonts when you have a reason — on a one-by-one basis.

    12/24/10 @ 12:33 pm

    Right! Excellent advice. I think I sometimes fall into the “trap” of installing everything just because it’s there and available.

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