Forum Question: how to install imovie on snow leopard using leopard cd?

hi i want to use the imovie from my old leopard cd and install it on to my snow leopard. can u tell if that can be done.

— koganti

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    5/27/10 @ 10:14 pm

    I’m not sure. Try it. But I doubt it will work because the DVDs that come with a new Mac are meant to be used to install the OS and iLife on that specific Mac. Installing the old version of iMovie from that old CD may not work because it may not be compatible with Snow Leopard. There may not even be an option to do it. I don’t have a set of DVDs like that handy to try it out.
    But why do this anyway? You would end up with an old version of iMovie. Instead, get the new version of iLife and the most recent version of iMovie. It is well worth the price in the advancements that have been made.

      5/28/10 @ 12:03 pm


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