Forum Question: How to install osx 10.4 in a external hd?

I want to install Leopard in my Imac 20 g5 ppc, and I can not lose all my old programs compatibilities,ok?
I have an ext hd 400 gig that I partitioned in 250 for backup and 150 for data.
Can I install my old 10.4.11 in the 150 part and make it boot able?
So I can use both of them in a safe way?
Thank you, from Brasil.

— Paulo Carlotto

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    3/13/10 @ 8:59 am

    I’m not sure if there is a way — it could be tough.
    Do you suspect that some of your programs won’t work in Leopard? If so, have you checked for updates to those programs? There should be very few problems going from Tiger to Leopard, especially since Leopard came out such a long time ago.
    What I would do is make a complete backup of your internal drive — Use Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. Then do the update. Don’t wipe and install, just do a normal update so you still have all your applications and documents. Then try out everything in Leopard. If it all works just fine, like I suspect it will, then you are set. If not, then you can do a restore using the backups.

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