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How To Keep “open With” From Displaying Multiple Copies Of an App

Gary, In your recent video on the use of the Get Info feature, you showed an example of the Open With feature. When doing this, we noticed that, for one of the files, your Evernote app was displayed multiple times. Now the third-party Onyx utility provides a way for users to fix this behavior of the Mac, so that the display of multiple copies of the same app no longer happens. But, my question is: do you know of a way to tweak System Preferences (or something else?) on the Mac so this doesn’t happen in the first place?
Richard Fuhr

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    7 years ago

    All Onxy is doing in this case (and most other cases) is to execute a Terminal command without you having to type each letter. You can just do the Terminal command yourself. This is the one that rebuilds the “open with” lists. It is actually two lines. The first is the rebuild. It may take a while. The second will relaunch the Finder so it sees the changes.
    Line 1:

    Line 2:

      Richard Fuhr
      7 years ago

      Gary, thanks for providing the Terminal commands to deal with this issue.

      Does anyone know of a way of preventing this situation from happening in the first place? For instance, it seems to happen when certain apps (such as Evernote) are updated, so it perhaps there is something in the operating system that can be tweaked (but not sure whether it is something that an end user could do).

        7 years ago

        My guess is that it happens when something changes in the app that makes OS X think it is a different app — the “id” of the app is different. So it shouldn’t happen, but perhaps the developer does something with a new version that causes it. As more developers switch to using the Mac App Store, perhaps we’ll see less of it.

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