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When I arrived home on Thursday and started my Macbook Air, Time Machine told me it had performed a verification of my Time Machine backups and needed to clear the backup history and create a completely new backup. It offered the choice of doing it ‘now or later’, but no other alternatives were offered. Having no choice, I let it do its stuff, which turned out to mean deleting all of my old backups (130 GB) in their entirety and starting again from scratch. No further permission was sought for this extremely drastic action, and no other solution (e.g. freezing those backups) was offered either. Interestingly, this event took place just two days after the first anniversary of my first backup on the TC, and I hadn’t performed a backup for those two days. I did, however, notice that the last backup before this had been interrupted when I put the Macbook into sleep.

If you have any ideas on how to prevent such total deletion of backups from occurring (“how to keep TC happy”), I would be interested to know.


— Peter Wellings

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    9/18/10 @ 7:29 am

    Sounds like some disk errors, perhaps? Hard to say. I don’t think that’s normal behavior. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.
    Just make sure your software, and the software on the TC is kept up-to-date. But there are really no options I can think of to make TC “happier.”

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