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How to keep your desk clean from cables and such

I have been quite annoyed with all the cables floating around in my room. Connecting them, on and off and so forth and it looks quite untidy. I have a black macbook, that I bring with me to school everyday. I was wondering if there are some ideas for this lovely problem, so I don’t have to move around all the stuff and things all the time, the 2 hard-drives I have, my itouch, and aux cable for the sterio, plugging in and pluggin out.. you know the drill :)
So for appearance and ease of use. Is there a dock or some cool way to bundle it all up? Or just through wifi?
and I’m a student.. so no fancy pansy, over expensive yada yada ;)

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    10 years ago

    I guess you just have to take it cable-by cable. Maybe bundle them together with cable ties.
    You don’t hear much about docks these days. It was too hard for those companies to keep up with the ever-changing ports on the many laptops. For instance, your black MacBook has different ports in different positions than any of the MacBooks Apple makes today.
    I always found the docks too expensive too. They were usually $100 or more, and that never seemed worth it when it just saved a second or two in plugging in cables.
    Now the newer MacBooks all have Thunderbolt, which adds an interesting twist. You can get an Apple display and connect one cable between the MacBook and the display. That cable carries the display data, USB, ethernet, audio and connects the camera in the display too. So it becomes a single-cable “dock” of sorts. That doesn’t help you today, but you might want to look forward to that for your next Mac.

    10 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Gary! :)

    yea I figured. Thunderbolt is gonna rock my world! I’m gonna keep my old one for one more year of school, and then next summer, I’ll be the owner of new… 15″ inch, with anti glare (do you have any opinion on that, antiglare?) and all the good stuff.
    A quick question.. has there been any rumors about when mbp will be updated?

    Thanks again, you helped me a lot when I first bought my mac, the switch from PC.. but now I’m a bit outdated with gear… but next summer is gonna seventh heaven! ;)


      10 years ago

      The MBP line was already updated this year with Thunderbolt. They were the first to get it, in fact. I wouldn’t expect another update until next year.

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