Forum Question: How To Locate Video Clips In iPhoto

Gary, Is there a straightforward way to locate which events in iPhoto contain video clips?
I have many events, and not all contain video. Not sure of a search method to locate these.
I am considering a purchase of Aperture and want to be selective in my choices of video clips to import from iPhoto.
mike wheless

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    4/16/12 @ 6:44 am

    The way to find all of your video clips is to create a smart album. Create it with the criteria “photo” is “movie” and you’ll get a list of all of your videos in one place.
    Not sure how that will help you in your quest to convert to Aperture, though. Once you locate the videos, you can delete them if that is what you want. I guess you can export them first into the Finder, and then delete them from iPhoto so they are not in your iPhoto library anymore.

    Michael Wheless
    4/18/12 @ 6:14 am

    Thanks. The smart album suggestion worked like a charm. I have been able to clean out, as it were, the videos I didn’t want. I made an import to Aperture and it worked fine.

    I looked in the smart album menu for Aperture and did not see a selection as you described above for iPhoto. Any suggestions on how to create an album with strictly videos in Aperture?

      4/18/12 @ 6:36 am

      Play around with it. I’m not an Aperture user, so I can’t check it out.

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