Forum Question: How To Make a Custom Dictionary On iMac?

I want to build a Custom Dictionary of about 2500-3000 words for students to be able to use and add to as they develop their english language skills. I have an early intel iMac. Is this possible? Thanx.
Tom j Dolan

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    9/18/16 @ 8:50 am

    It depends on what you mean by a “custom dictionary” — that could just be a word processing file, right? Or, you could use a database app to store each entry as a record. Better still, you could use an online database web app of some sort so it is platform independent (Mac, PC, etc) and available to everyone online. Make it a Google Docs spreadsheet, for instance, and invite all of your students to edit it and add rows with words and definitions.

    Tom j Dolan
    9/18/16 @ 6:30 pm

    Thanx Gary for your interest. The platform independent concept looks interesting but I want each user to be able to customize the dictionary for their own particular needs. The idea is, I deliver a Dictionary I’m now creating, to many recipients in many fields. Each person can then go about building upon that fundamental Dictionary, adding words specific to their needs and/or interests. So first How to Create it, then How to Deliver it, and too is it Searchable? Thanx again.

    9/18/16 @ 7:11 pm

    Unless you have some specific need that I’m not understanding, you can then do this with anything. You can just make it a word processing document and everyone can edit their own copy after you are done. An online database or spreadsheet would be more interesting, though, and everyone could simply spawn their own copy to add to, or create their own spreadsheet and use theirs and yours. As for searchable — everything is searchable.

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