Forum Question: How to make a transparent overlay of two pictures in imovie

thanx for the bunch of cool and helpful vidoes. I hope you can help me out on this one:
I want to make an overlay with two pictures. The main picture (A) should stay as intense as the movie begins. Later on the second picture (B) should be blended in just slightly without removing the intensity of Picture A. This configuration should stay for a while. Later on after a couple of seconds Picture B should be blended in to 100% while Picture A is faded out independendly.
So this is not simple cross dissolve transition. The main problem is to keep picture B just shining through for a while before it will be blended in to a 100%.
Another question on this I´d like to post here is:
Is it possible to make non synchronous cross dissolve transitions? Let´s say: While picture B is blended in with 5 seconds, picture A fades out with 2 seconds.
Tim B.

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    3/16/11 @ 7:26 am

    You won’t be able to do either of those with iMovie. You don’t don’t have that precise of control over those transitions.
    If you need that level of control, then it is time to move on to pro-level software. Or at least mid-level software like Adobe Premiere Elements, which might be able to do it.
    iMovie sacrifices control for ease and speed. I can produce MacMost much faster in iMovie instead of Final Cut, but I don’t try to do anything that iMovie wasn’t meant for. A good trade-off, as far as I am concerned. But if you absolutely must have an effect exactly as you want it, like this, then you’ll need to learn to use the more complex tools.

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