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How to make appointment from address book

From my iPhone, iPad or even on the iMac Making an appointment from the address book seems unnecessarily cumbersome. What is the easiest way to make an appointment with a contact from the address book. My idea is that once you identify a contact down the bottom where it has Text message Share contact, add to favourites it would be nice if it had make appointment in iCal. The open up iCal to todays date and go from there with all the relevant details? Is this possible doing something else or maybe I do not understand a simple method? Any assistance would be welcomed.

By the way I am one of those guys who has been watching every episode of your updates on itunes and love them all. I switched to mac nearly 18 months ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done and with you tutorials it has made the switch so much easier

— Kim Berichon

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    10 years ago

    There is no easy way to do it. You are supposed to be able to drag a contact from the address book to iCal and it will create an event for you. But there is a bug in iCal that prevents this. Maybe at some point we’ll get that functionality, but it is kind of an odd way to do it anyway.
    If you know how to use Automator you can create a service with “Get Select Address Book People” and “New iCal Events” — then set the options for the later to “Show this action.” Then when you run the service from the menu with Address Book open and the person selected, you will get a dialog box to fill in the event info. It works pretty well.
    Otherwise, you’ll just need to always use iCal to create the event, and look up the invitees from there.

      Kim Berichon
      10 years ago

      Hi Gary,
      This by far the best answer yet. I have tried the apple shop rang support and all I would get are blank looks with a yer that would be cool. Anyway there is finally someone with the answer albeit not he one that I was chasing but it will let me rest easier knowing that it just is not available and there is not something obvious that I am not understanding. Once again thanks for the great shows and your very easy to understand tutorials. You manage to convert what can be complex issue down into easy to understand steps.

    10 years ago

    I answered this in the apple forums looking for a solution for the new drag and drop bug in either iCal or addressbook (who knows which) . here is the link:

    terry meier
    9 years ago

    why can’t someone just create an app that has a icon at the bottom of the contact where it says (text message) (share contact) and (add to favorites) and put annother icon there that simply says (make appointment) and it would add the contact info into the calander for you and all you would have to do is put in the time and date. I personaly would pay for this. I’m not a programmer or I would do it myself and make millions. everyone wants to overcomplicate things by adding a bunch of crap to an app. make it simple. everyone i talk to says it’s a great idea and they would use it.

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