Forum Question: How to make end credits with images in iMovie

I saw the videotutorial about how make end credits with imovie and i have a question. If possible create end credits with images in the left and titles in the right?
Thank you very much

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    8/21/11 @ 9:10 am

    Yes, you can. I might make an episode on that.
    You use the scrolling credits title. Just drop it in at the end, and select a black background. Then with the credits selected, I for inspector. Extend it to 60 seconds or something longer. Then fill in the credits with all your stuff.
    The key is to do each line as TAB, TAB, then text. That puts it on the right.
    Then, with Advanced Tools turned on the in the prefs, you can drop pictures into the project over the black background. Use picture-in-picture and place them on the left. Line them up over the course of the 60 seconds of scrolling text.

      8/22/11 @ 2:57 pm


      Thank you very much all is ok. Another question y have two clips and one song but i would like at the finish of the clip the song will listen more lower to the song not listen. Do you know if possible to do? Thank you very much and sorry for my english

    9/3/11 @ 8:45 am

    Hi Gary,

    All run ok thank you very much. But I have another question i would like a dvd/blu-ray with good quality of films and phots but idvd quality is poor. Then I would like to try Adobe Encore. If possible export film from imovie with chapters? or Do you recommend me other software??
    Thank you very much

      9/3/11 @ 8:51 am

      What do you mean by “poor”? Keep in mind that DVDs are SD, not HD. That means you are getting 720×480 video, which is much poorer than what you would expect from a HD TV (1280×720 or 1920×1080). That’s nothing to do with iMovie, iDVD or any software. That’s DVDs and DVD players. Creating Blu-Ray would mean getting a Blu-Ray drive and some software to go with it.
      See episode 440:
      As for Encore, I’ve never used it. But if you burn to DVD you will still get SD. Doesn’t matter what software you use.
      You can’t export from iMovie with chapters, no. If you are using other software than iDVD you would have to use that software to add chapters like it wants.

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