Forum Question: How to make images stay as images in a signature for email?

How do you make images stay as images in a signature for your emails and not change to attachments with the receiver? When I past a jpeg or PDF file in my signature box, so people can see my company logo, it looks fine on my computer, even if I email myself but people who have a pc puts my logo in an attachment at the top and shows nothing but my name and phone number with no logo. Please advise.
Steve Martin

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    10/21/10 @ 1:33 pm

    I think this has to do completely with the client software on the other end. Apple Mail will display attachments in-line. In other words, they appear where you attached them in the message. But some clients will take all attachments and display them separately. There’s nothing you can do about that — it is on their end.
    Now if you compose HTML email, you can put images where you want. But that’s going a long way to get the result you want.

    10/21/10 @ 1:57 pm

    Actually, I just figured out a bizarre way to do this. I’m going to do a future episode on this, but here are the basics:
    1. Put your image somewhere on the web. Could be your MobileMe space, could be some web directory you own, could be flickr, dropbox, whatever. But must be publicly viewable.
    2. Create a simple HTML page that embeds the image — the page can be, in fact, your signature. Something like:
    <img src=”http://urlhere…”>
    You can make this just a .html file on your Mac.
    3. Open this .html file in Safari on your Mac.
    4. Select all on that page, and copy.
    5. Go into Mail and paste that into your signature.
    6. Use the signature — but make sure your email format is rich text. It won’t work for plain text.
    It seems to work!

    1/7/11 @ 8:11 pm

    Do you have a simpler way to make a signature viewable?

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