Forum Question: How to make virtual CD on Mac?

Is it possible to make a virtual CD/DVD out of a real, physical CD/DVD, so that I can keep is safely in the box and use the virtual one when I need it.
By virtual CD/DVD I mean and image of a CD/DVD that would sit on the hard drive and when accessed, the OS would think it’s a normal CD/DVD and would play it’s contents.
Thank you very much

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    11/26/10 @ 3:54 pm

    Yes, you can do that. Use Disk Utility. You can copy the CD to a “disk image” on your hard drive and then mount that disk image just like a normal CD. Note that it won’t work with some kinds of copy protection — like the kind found in a lot of games. They prohibit you from doing this. But for general data CDs and DVDs, it works great.

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