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How To Merge a Single Page Safari Window With Another Safari Window?

How can I merge a single-page Safari window (with no tabs) with another specific Safari window (which probably contains a few tabs) while leaving other Safari windows intact in a single action? Sort of like how I can do it with individual tabs.

When doing research using Safari, I open lots of tabs with potentially useful resources, and when there are enough of them, sort them into different Safari windows according to various criteria for further processing.

This means I often shuffle tabs between different Safari windows. That’s easy, just drag and drop a tab from the tab deck near the top of original Safari window into the other Safari window somewhere near the top.

But after the pre-last tab is moved, the original window will no longer have any tabs (since now there’s just a single page in the original window). So I can’t drag the tab anymore. But I’d still like to move the remaining single-page Safari window to the other group and not have the original Safari window hanging around anymore.

I know I can do it by clicking in the URL bar and either copy/pasting the URL from the original Safari window, or by dragging the little globe icon to the other window’s “+” sign (and other methods), but this will always mean I always have to go back to the original Safari window and close it manually (since the original window still has the original content which is now a duplicate).

I’m also avoiding using the menu command for consolidating windows because I often have other Safari windows running too, and I’d like to keep those as they are.

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    1 year ago

    There used to be an option in the view menu to show the tab bar even if there was only one tab. But it doesn't appear to be there any longer.

    One way is to simply open a second tab in that window, then you can grab the first tab and move it. Then just go back and close that window.

    Another way seems to be to drag and drop the address field at the top (tricky to drag from the right point without triggering another action) and then into the + button on the right of the tabs in the other window. Works best in Compact mode I think.

    Of course you could just copy and paste the URL from that one window into a new tab in the other.

    I think probably the best way is to reveal the sidebar, then look at the tab groups. You may just have the default "X Tabs" at the top of each window. You can expand that and drag and drop tabs between windows into that default tab group.

    1 year ago

    in Safari,
    View / Always Show Tab Bar
    is near the top of the menu

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