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How To Modify a iCloud Drive Text File On Both Mac and iPhone?

I use iCloud “FILES” folder on both MBP and iPhone.
In this Files folder I have a text.txt file that I can see on both MBP and iPhone
The problem is I can just READ it when I’m on my phone (I cannot WRITE or modify the txt.txt file)
If I make a modification directly on my MBP it’s transferred to my phone.
But on the phone I cannot TYPE anything. (I cannot activate the keyboard!)
Would you be kind enough to help me? I’m sure I do something wrong.
Nicolas Nilsen (

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    1 year ago

    That's right. The iPhone has no TextEdit app or other built-in text editor. So while you can edit Pages files in Pages on your iPhone, or Numbers files, or Keynote files, you can't edit simple text files.

    So the solution is to simply get an app that an edit these files. There are many in the App Store with a wide variety of prices and features. I don't use one regularly, but names I recognize are: Pretext, Text Editor and QuickText.

    Alternatively, if you really don't want to get an app, you can open these files in the Pages app. If you want them to remain as text files though, you'll then need to export the results as a Plain Text file again when you are done making changes.

    Nicolas nilsen
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for your answer. It was so fast! Thanks!!!

    1 year ago

    Hi Gary!
    As you recommended, I've saved my previous txt.txt file as a "Pages" file. But it still doesn't work.
    I can see it on both MBP and iPhone but I still CANNOT write and modify on my iPhone (although it's a Pages file). I cannot activate the keyboard in fact!
    Any suggestion?

    1 year ago

    Nicolas: Are you perhaps just previewing it in the Files app? Launch Pages. Then open the file from there. You don't need to convert the .txt file to Pages in advance either. It can open .txt file and convert them in one step.

    nicolas nilsen
    1 year ago

    Sorry Gary, just saw your great answer! Thank you! Got it!

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