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How To Move Icons On the Bottom Of iTunes On iPad Pro?

When I open iTunes on my iPad Pro across the very bottom of the screen is ” Music Movies TVShows topCharts Genius Purshase ”
On an iPhone you can touch “More” and then edit I what order you want these to be in. iTunes on iPad Pro displayes them all but I would like to change the order. I want to move movies to be on the far left so movies is the default page when iTunes starts. Anyone know how to move these icons? I have press and held own and tried to slide them. There is no gear for a setting. I wish I could post the image.

David C

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    4 years ago

    I know what you mean. You can’t re-arrnage them because there is no More button because there is enough space for all of the icons to fit.
    In most cases it shouldn’t make a difference for you since returning to the app should take you to where you were last. But if you restart often I guess it could be a minor inconvenience. Maybe consider not restarting that often (you never need to shut down).
    Of course I have seen the iTunes Store app start on Music when I have simply been away from it for a while. This probably happens when there is an app or system update so the app is restarting through no action of your own.

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