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How to Open All Web Pages To Full Screen Automatically?

Using Safari under El Capitan, how does one open all web pages to full screen without having to utilize a contol+command+F keystroke?
MIchael Burns

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    2 years ago

    Safari displays web pages in windows. So it isn’t a matter of making the web page full screen, it is a matter of using a full screen window and just continuing to use that in full screen mode. Control+Command+f puts you in full screen mode. So if you wish to stay in full screen mode, simply don’t switch away from it. Leave Safari running in full screen mode and just go to new web pages. You can open tabs and they will all be a part of that same full screen window.

    One thing: This is how it works in High Sierra and Sierra. I’m pretty sure it is how it works in El Capitan too. But I have no way to test that.

    Another thing: Check System Preferences, General and look for “Close Windows When Quitting App.” I can’t be sure that this setting is in El Cap, but if it is and you have it checked then when you quit Safari then you lose that full screen window. You could just never quit Safari (no reason to quit it), or uncheck this so it reopens to the last full screen window and web page so you start with that,

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