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How To Organize My 1 Million Photos?

Ok, I moved from windows to Mac a little over a year ago. I have tons and tons of Folders with pics in them. How is the best way to migrate them to iPhoto? Can I delete them from the original folders once they are in iPhoto? Also when I bring in my pictures from my camera how can I easily go through several hundred new photos quickly and delete then blurry ones and bad ones? Right now, I just slowly and painfully arrow down through each one looking at a tiny side picture. If I preview them, I can’t delete on the fly? I hope this isn’t too confusing, but there has to be a better way to manage my photos and edit and keep the ones I want…. Thanks, Ron.

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    11 years ago

    Well, the only way to migrate them to iPhoto would be to drag them into iPhoto. It should convert your folders to events. But I would do a test with a small section of your photos first.
    I would also consider jumping right away to Aperture, and skipping iPhoto. iPhoto is the "free" light-weight photo organization tool. I use it, and I have about 50,000 photos. But if I had a million and was starting from scratch I would just get Aperture since I hear it handles massive collections better. It is the "pro" solution, but with 1 million I would consider myself a "pro" even if I didn't get paid to be a photographer.

      Lee Clayton
      11 years ago

      Will Aperture work with nested folders? I do wedding photography and will have the name of the wedding as the folder with folders beneath such as pre wedding, ceremony, stagged family, and reception

        11 years ago

        Don't know since I still use iPhoto. I know if I switch to Aperture I probably will never go back to iPhoto. And I need to use iPhoto so I can answer iPhoto questions :)

    Tom Abbott
    11 years ago

    I might also recommend PhotoSweeper if you have lots of duplicates like I had. I had spent hours trying to purge duplicate pictures, many with different file names and PhotoSweeper was able to analyze the pixels, find dupes, and if you tell it too, delete them.

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