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How To Play Video From a ADVC To iMessage?

When I go through my ADVC instead of the iSight with a iMessage it reverses the video. How do I show the image correct instead of reverse?
Thomas Williams

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    7 years ago

    I assume you mean FaceTime, not iMessage. Or maybe you mean the old iChat? And by ADVC I assume you mean a video converter, so taking the image from a video camera, through a converter box, into your Mac.
    First, are you sure that the video is reversed? If might just be showing you that on your end of things to make it easier for you to deal with right vs. left in your preview. Are you sure the person on the other end of the chat sees the reverse? Hold up some printed text and see if they can read it.
    If the video is reversed, then the problem may be with the device you are using. See if it comes with any utility software or settings. There might be a setting that does this.

      Thomas Williams
      7 years ago

      Messages app on the mac the one that replaced the iChat app. There is no Utility software for it. This is the Unit I’m talking about “Grass Valley ADVC-110 Bidirectional Media Converter”

        7 years ago

        When you try to video chat with Messages, it runs FaceTime.
        I would contact the maker of the video converter and ask them.

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