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How To Preserve Battery Life On MacBook Pro 13 Inch Intel?

I have a macbook pro 13 inch 2020 (INTEL)
and when i am not using it not on power though it is plugged in most of the times

when it isnt battery tends to drain very quickly

it is important to understand the cause and why battery drains fast on macbook pro than compared to macbook air

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    3 years ago

    macOS Big Sur has a whole feature built in just for this. When you are using your MacBook on battery, and you notice the battery draining quickly, try this:

    Click on the Battery icon in the toolbar. You'll see your battery percentage and then a list of apps using significant energy. This will tell you what you are using that is draining your battery so fast.

    You can also use Activity Monitor for this. There is a whole tab for energy use. But usually you can tell with just the menu bar menu.

    It is usually something pretty obvious. Try it multiple times in different situations. Just keep paying attention to what you see in the menu bar list and you'll get to know what it is that is causing your power drain. Of course, the answer may be that you are using an app that just requires a lot of power and there's nothing you can do about it.

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