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How To Record Desktop FM Radio?

I have a desktop radio, an I would like to record it on my MacBook Pro, using QuickTime?
My radio haze earphones jack.
What parts will I need to do this… thanks

So I can record at a racing event, which they broadcast on FM stations.
Jerry Nash

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    2 years ago

    Search Amazon for "usb audio line in" and you'll see a variety of products. These connect to your Mac via USB and provide you with a way to connect the earphone out from your radio to your Mac as audio input. It gets tricky as your earphone jack isn't ideal for that. A "line out" is what you want, but radios rarely have that. So you'll need to test with the volume of your radio set to many different levels to see what works best.

    Note you want to make sure the USB device has "line in" and not (or in addition to) "mic." A mic input expects a microphone, whereas a "line in" is what you need for regular audio.

    These devices are also cheap and some work better than others. So you may not get a good one on your first attempt. I haven't bought one of these in 10+ years, so none I can't recommend one of the ones that come up with a search now.

    Hal Plimpton
    2 years ago

    You might also want to check out "DAR.FM" I have been successfully recording AM/FM broadcasts for a number of years.

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