Forum Question: How to Recover Trash in Time Machine

hi, I saw your podcast 237 on how to restore mail and photos in time machine.Is there any way I can restore something in the trash?Now the trash on my mac is empty, but if I open time machine can I restore trash that was once on my mac?
by the way, I really do learn alot from your podcasts!!!

— Viki

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    2/21/10 @ 4:27 pm

    The key is to not look in Trash — Time Machine does not backup trash. Instead, look back farther in time to when the file you wanted was not in Trash. Look for it in its location before you decided to throw it away.
    If you run into this problem more than once, then you should adjust the way you use Trash. Only throw something away if you are sure you don’t want it anymore. If you want to collect things that you don’t think you need anymore, put them in a temporary folder until you are sure you don’t need it, and then only throw it away only when you are sure.

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