Forum Question: How to reinstall Lion without reinstalling apps, no Recovery HD

Installed Lion twice using Installer app (not clean install) in 2 HDDs with multi-partitions. No Recovery HD was created as expected from article I read, but both times all data in Documents gone including the Installer app (had Installer app in Documents). Good thing I backed up. You think my Lion install is now screwed up?
I now like to re-install Lion or maybe even do a clean install, but I rather not have to reinstall apps. Anyway to reinstall a fresh copy of Lion, but move previously installed apps over? Perhaps using Time Machine?
If I have to do it all over from scratch, my worry is reinstalling Final Cut Studio 7. I have my audio loops, Motion templates etc on ANOTHER volume/partition/disk. When I initially installed Final Cut Studio 3 I told Studio installer where all those loops and templates where located. If I just reinstalled the Studio apps (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro etc.) would those apps lose the “links” to the audio loops etc and not know where to find them?

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    8/2/11 @ 4:59 pm

    It sounds like you are worrying, but nothing is wrong. Are you experiencing any problems? It doesn’t seem so. So why do you want to try to re-install?
    Installing apps is usually a lot more complicated than drag and drop. Especially for things like Adobe apps and the like. I don’t recommend a clean install unless it is absolutely necessary.
    It sounds to me like everything is working fine. Is that correct?
    You won’t see the recovery partition. It is hidden. I’m not sure if you get it with an upgrade anyway.

    8/2/11 @ 5:10 pm

    Experiencing a few bugs here and there, e.g. I need to hit ESC a few times before iCal will get out of full-screen. Otherwise, ok.

    I am thinking of reinstalling because it’s very strange for all my data in Documents to be deleted when I ran Lion Installer. It happened twice as I did two different installs on different HDDs so it’s not random.

    I read that if your HDD has more than 1 partition then Lion Installer can’t create the Recovery HD, but I fine with just Time Machine backups and I could clone these volumes.

      8/2/11 @ 5:17 pm

      So your Documents are missing? That’s a huge problem. I thought you meant that the installer was gone after the install, not your actual documents.
      I don’t really have any specific advice here.

    8/2/11 @ 5:32 pm

    Right, all files deleted/gone in Documents folder, but luckily I backed up. That made me think my install went bad.

      8/2/11 @ 5:37 pm

      I’d say so, yes. Can’t imagine what would cause that. I’ve never heard of the contents of your Documents folder being wiped for an OS upgrade. Did you have File Vault turned on or something?
      Anyway, I don’t know if that affected the rest of the install.

    8/2/11 @ 10:00 pm

    Wasn’t using fire vault. I think I’ll do a clean install . . . I was supposed to also get the message “can’t install all features” namely Recovery HD. I just found out if just reinstall the Studio apps (Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro etc.) those apps won’t lose their link to the audio loops etc if I just point them correctly during reinstall. By doing so, Studio won’t have to reinstall all those support files which add up to around 40GB.

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