Forum Question: How To Remember a Wifi Network?

My iMac don’t connect to my wi-fi network automatic when it wakes up from sleep mode, now have to look for my network in the wi-fi icon.

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    2/2/12 @ 7:55 am

    Go to System Preferences, Network, select your Wifi connection on the left and then click the Advanced button. Then click the Wi-Fi tab.
    Now you should see a list of preferred networks.
    Is your network in there?
    It probably is if you have connected to it before. If not, you can try to add it.
    Make sure “Remember…” is selected too.
    Now if your network is in there, and it is still not “remembering” it may be simply because your Mac has trouble connecting to that network when it first starts. That could mean the trouble is with your Wifi equipment. You didn’t mention which type you use. If you have an Airport Extreme, for instance, make sure you have the latest updates. For other devices, you may want to check its settings or consult with an expert to get it running optimally.

    Allan Michael
    2/2/12 @ 11:26 pm

    new update solves this….. :)

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