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How To Remove a Single File From the Trashcan?

I have a trashcan full of Sh*t. But there are a few files there, I would like to keep.
How can I select the files that I want trashed, instead of emptying the entire trashcan.
Hanny Hoedemans

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    12 years ago

    If you want to keep files that are in the Trash, you should remove them.
    The Trash is not a good place to keep files that you want to keep -- even just temporarily. If you want to have a place for things to erase "in the future" or "soon" then you should create another folder on your Desktop or in your Documents folder for such things.
    The Trash is really meant to be a way to make erasing a two-step process, to avoid mistakes. But you should consider anything in the Trash as already gone, as a best-practice.
    So I would take those items out of there, and put them elsewhere.
    There is no way to empty the Trash partially -- it is all or nothing.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12 years ago

    I find that it is very strange to keep a file in your trash. Trash is for trash as Gary says.

    Shirley Allan
    12 years ago

    Double click on the trash bucket to open it and drag what you want to keep out of it.
    SJ Allan

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