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How to remove and/or rename a file on an I Phone 4

Good Morning All. With profound apologies if these questions have been previously addressed . . . Like many of you, I have “upgraded” several preloaded apps that came with my newly-purchased I Phone 4. Also, like many of you, I now have on my I Phone 4 two very similiar apps: the preloaded version plus my recently purchased “upgraded” version. It is my understanding, and Lord knows I hope I have this wrong, that I CANNOT delete preloaded apps. Accordingly, I’ve attempted to put all of my extraneous apps together creating a file that has been automatically and incorrectly named. So, here’s my two questions: is there anyway shape, form, or fashion that I can delete a preloaded app; and, if not, is there anyway that I can rename a file? Thanks to all for your time. Jeff

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    9 years ago

    Do you mean you created an App Folder to contain some of your unused apps? If so, you can rename that folder. Just tap that folder to open it. Then tap and hold any app icon in that folder until all the icons wiggle. The name of the folder is now editable.
    You cannot remove the few preloaded apps.
    You can’t rename any of the apps, either. They are named by the developer of the app. You can only rename the app folders.
    Which app do you have two versions of? There should only be one version of each preloaded app.

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