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How to remove track numbers from library?

Congratulations for your channel on YouTube.
I was wondering how does one remove or rather disable adding track numbers in iTunes when it imports music to the library.
While doing so, I came across a couple of Apple Scripts to be run in Terminal to overcome this issue.
defaults write create-filenames-with-disknumber -bool FALSE
defaults write create-filenames-with-tracknumber -bool FALSE
I tried this but it doesn’t work. I have upgraded to iTunes 10.2
I usually transfer music to a Flash Drive and use it to play music in my car and the track number issue has become quite a nuisance because I can’t seem to find the songs as they lose their alphabetical arrangement and are listed numerically instead.
Can you tell me if there is a way to manage/disable this?
Pranay Aggarwal

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    10 years ago

    Do you mean for the file name?
    I would think that a car stereo (or any mp3-playing device) would ignore the file names and use the ID3 tags in the files that contain information about the song name, artist name, etc.
    That’s probably why this isn’t an issue — for most devices the file name wouldn’t be a factor.
    So, I would just recommend removing them manually. If you are a programmer, you could probably write an automator script for it. There are already many AppleScript for modifying the names of songs in iTunes (search for “iTunes AppleScript”) but most of those are about the ID3 data, not the file name.

      Pranay A
      10 years ago

      Hi Gary,
      Yes I meant the filename. I even tried burning a CD using Toast Titanium but it does the same thing, adds the track number with the filename. Before upgrading to iTunes 10.2 the Terminal Script/Command seemed to work and now it doesn’t. Removing them manually can be quite tiresome and time consuming. Is there possibly another way to do this?

        10 years ago

        A script would be the way to do it. If you had one that worked before, then you may want to contact the author and ask if there is an update that works with the latest iTunes.

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