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How To Removed Photos From “Recents” but Keeping Them In Library?

In Photos, why is photos maintained in “recents” when they are also in your Library?

Can photos in “Recents” be removed without removing them from Library?

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    2 years ago

    Recents lists your photos by date. Nothing is "IN" recents. This is just another way of viewing your library of photos. If you don't find it useful, you never have to look in Recents.

    The photos in your Photos Library are only there once. You can view them a number of ways. You can look in your Library to see them all, or look in Recents. You can create albums. There are some predefined albums, like for different kinds of photos, like Portraits or Live Photos. These are all just different ways of viewing your photos. They aren't different places where your photos exist.

    If you create two albums, and put the same photo in both albums, there is still just one copy of that photo in your library. You would see that photo in your library, in recents, in those two albums, and maybe in another album like Portraits.

    Maybe you are more familiar with playlists in iTunes/Music? Adding a song to a playlist doesn't make a copy of it. It is just a list of songs. The song is still just there once. Albums, including recents, are the same.

    2 years ago

    If I want to remove a photo from an album other than recents, and in that other album I delete it, does it stay in recents? Thank you.

    2 years ago

    Patty: Recents is a list of recent photos. You cannot remove something from recents other than changing reality and somehow making it so that photo was taken at an earlier time. Removing a photo from an album doesn't affect recents.

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