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How to resize ScreenFlow to export to HD.

I love ScreenFlow, but am not sure about resizing.
If I resize the initial screencast to 1280 X 720 I get a black border.
If I export to that size, some images are distorted.
Fred Miller

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    10 years ago

    It sounds like you just need to get the hang of the program. There are lots of options for cropping the image to a certain area. Of course if you resize to an area that is a different screen ratio, you will get a black border as there’s nothing else to put in that space. Exporting sounds like it is stretching to that size.
    So why not just stick to the original size or some ratio of it? That would be the thing to do.

    8 years ago

    black border problem here too, top and sides, only when viewed on iphone tiny footage with black border, videos are fine on mac, using web-high or iphone presets,
    not sure what you mean by “stick to the original size” as theres no preset for that, and its making me choose a preset

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