Forum Question: how to save as a Word document in Pages now that I have upgraded to Lion

I am not able to figure out how to save my Pages document as a Word document now that I have upgraded to Lion.
Marcia Christ

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    7/27/11 @ 9:25 pm

    You go to File, Export. Then choose Word. I think that was the same as it was in Snow Leopard.

      8/21/11 @ 9:19 pm

      no, we had a “save as” option in the “files” tab so we could rename the file we were working on in PAGES format. No way to do that now short of exporting it to someplace (like “documents” on your computer)…. it has created extra steps for us… I really hate it.

        8/21/11 @ 10:08 pm

        The way you “Save As” now is simply Duplicate, Save. No need to export. It is just one extra step. But it does make it much clearer what you are doing. Before, it was too easy to make some changes, then Save As without first doing a Save, so you end up with two different versions since the original wasn’t updated. You can still duplicate the file in the Finder like before too.

        Doug Clapp
        8/21/12 @ 11:58 am

        I agree with spydie. I wasted a lot of time trying to: Save As Darn near went back to Microsoft Word Ugh! To Duplicate is not intuitive. Some things so well learned, should not be tampered with.

    7/29/11 @ 6:32 am

    Thank you once again!

    9/17/12 @ 2:33 am

    No problem saving a file as word in pages – except a ´small´ problem… every time I open the file again, some of the lines and boarders has changed! How can I avoid that?
    I also find it very tiering that every time I´v made a change in a pages or number document I have to select save and then chose save as a word or excel document – and it seems like the save function does not remember what folder it came from. It sometime suggest a total random (to me) folder, and not where the document necessarily is uploaded from. When I work on a document I save several times during the work to avoid loosing any information. It is very easy by accident to save the word or excel document as a pages or number document in a random folder. Very irritating. Some tips on how to avoid that?

      9/17/12 @ 6:43 am

      Pages is Pages and Word is Word — they use different file formats and have different capabilities. When you save as a Word document from Pages you are converting the document from Pages to Word and some changes will need to be made to accommodate that.
      The best way to work with documents is to save them as Pages documents always. Only convert them to Word when you need to send them to someone else who only has Word, not Pages.
      If what you really want to do is to use Word, not Pages, then get Word. It sounds like this may be the best solution for you — just start using Office for Mac instead of Pages.

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