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How To Save Keynote Files As Presentations?

I am sending Keynote files to my students and would like to send them as presentations, wherein when they open it, it automatically plays like a slideshow. What we normally have is when we open the Keynote file, it will open in Keynote and not play automatically. Is there an option for this in Keynote? Thanks.
JR Castro

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    7 years ago

    Since Keynote is a presentation authoring tool, and Keynote documents are editable presentations, then you’ll always get the same result — the students can open the documents in Keynote and edit them, only playing them back if they choose to do so.
    But there is one option that will create presentations that play back. Using the Share function in Keynote, choose to share as QuickTime. There are some options, and I would guess you would want “manual advance” to make it a presentation, not a non-interactive video.
    That creates a special QuickTime movie that is not really a video but an interactive presentation that plays back using the QuickTime Player. The students don’t even need to have Keynote.
    I don’t think that everything you can do with Keynote is compatible with QuickTime playback, however. So give it a try and see if the presentations you are making will work with this idea.

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