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How To Scroll In Numbers?

Looking at the short cuts in Help. “Scroll to the beginning of the sheet” says “Home or Fn-Up Arrow”. My iMac does not do that. It just seems to scroll up a page. I thought it would move up past all tables to actual top of the current spreadsheet. What am I doing wrong?

Also, “Scroll up the sheet” = Page Up. I don’t have a page up on my keyboard?

I find some of the help poorly worded for a company as strong as Apple. Example: “Command-up arrow”=”Move to the beginning of the current text area”. I think it should say “Move to the top cell in the current table” or am I missing something. Thanks in advance.

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    7 years ago

    I don't know what it says Home or fn+Up as the fn+Left is the substitute for Home, usually. Try that.

    The substitute for Page Up is fn+Up. So try that to scroll up in a table quickly.

    Remember, that Sheet refers to the whole "page" of tables. You can have many tables on the same sheet. A table is a grid of cells. So when you have a table selected, or a cell within a table, then these may act differently than if you have no table selected, or maybe multiple tables.

    A "text area" is a different element than a table. It is a block of text that you can insert into Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents. You may not be using any text areas in Numbers unless you are creating specific designs for your sheets that need them. If you have text selected in a text area, or a paragraph of text in Pages or any other app, then Command+Up will move to the beginning of the text area.

    In Numbers, Command+Arrow will move to the leftmost, rightmost, topmost or bottommost cell if you have a cell in a table selected before you use it.

    7 years ago

    I do have multiple tables on this sheet and I did expect the Fn-Up Arrow to take me somewhere to see the topmost table and it did not. I tried with a table selected and no table selected. I am probably making another novice mistake. I do appreciate your insights.

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