Forum Question: How To See Notes Source Accounts On Mac Air

In Notes, if I am on my iPad2 or iPhone4S, I can see the email account with which it is associated. This allows me to quickly see just those notes associated with one account if I want or to see all if I want. However, on my mid 2012 Mac air with Mountain Lion, when I go into notes, I see all the notes regardless of account and see no way to sort/separate them by account. If I click on “account”, I am taken to the mail etc screen on system preferences. This would allow me to disable notes with an account, but that is not what I want to do. Am I missing something or is this just one of the differences between iOS6 and Mountain Lion? If so, is there a good work around?
Rick in NC

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    10/22/12 @ 8:54 pm

    Look under the list of notes on the left. Under the list you will see a + button, and then two other buttons (actually a switch). Click on that switch to show/hide the notes accounts and subfolders. You’ll see them pop out to the left of the list of notes.
    You can also choose View, Show/Hide Folders list.

      Rick in NC
      10/23/12 @ 4:41 pm

      Gary — Thanks! I had hit those buttons and tried that view option ad nauseum (because those seemed the most logical) seemingly without success. What I had failed to realize is that I had expanded the real estate of the note so much by pulling at the corner that when I hit the switch, all the action took place off screen (except for showing/hiding the red, yellow, green buttons — which should have been my clue, but wasn’t). Oh well, embarrassed but happy!! Thanks.

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